Terms of use

Read the terms of use of electronic gyros shop Mr.Gyros If you choose to use it, it means that you agree with them.

This is an online store Mr.Gyros. The company has the right to modify at any time its contents, and to terminate its use in unauthorized access at improper actions and those contrary to the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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Do not fill unlawful, threatening, abusive, obscene and others. such information could undermine the rights of others.

Prerequisites to perform the contract:


1.Registrations in the electronics store.

2.Valid e-mail address.

3.True completed addresses for delivery and invoicing.

4. Correct contact details.


5.Or tel: 02-953-10-68 contact with an operator.


Activation of the order by pressing the button on the order confirmation.

In your order, you will receive confirmation of the order to your specified e-mail address.


Change Order

The products and their quantities in your order can be changed at any time before you confirm payment. If you want to make changes then contact the administrator of the shop Tel: 02 / 953-10-68 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shelf life of products Mr.Gyros to 4 hours after preparation of the order.