Terms of Delivery

For district:

Center, Camp, Slavia, Beli Brezi, Krasno Selo, Borovo, Ivan Vazov, Shooting, Moto track, Gotse Delchev, Lozenets, Serdika, Stock dwellings, Banishora, nursery-hotbed, Konyovitsa, Krasna Polyana, West Park , Holy Trinity, Ilinden, Gevgeliyski, Sredets, Zona B-5 // B-18, Kriva Reka,Iavorov to bul.Mihay Eminescu.

Minimum value of  ORDER is 10 lev., And the delivery is 3 lev. !

Shipping is free (which includes only meals without delivery) for orders up 20 lev!


Free Shipping for Special offers and promotions not:


Delivery time is between 45 min. and 75 min., depending on where you place an order.

In the peak and / or adverse weather conditions, possible delivery times can be long.