Payment terms

All orders can be paid to the courier upon delivery.


Some orders can be paid in advance online through the system of ePay.

Here's how to pay online:

* Choose your meal, Drinking or any of the services we offer. All offer can be paid online through the system ePay.

* After you fill your cart and choose the time and delivery address Go to the next step 3 of the order - confirmation. Here you to specifying payment method. Default is the celebration of "cash on delivery".

* To pay online should choose option online through ePay. Must click on the button sends the order.

* On the screen you'll see a link that must follow the site of, where to lognesh and confirm the payment of your order. Until we receive confirmation of payment, we will deliver your order for execution.

* After confirming online payment we will immediately release your order for execution.

* When jocks deliver your order does not have to Supplement nothing in cash, but a tip is not offended anyone;)


Why pay online?


* Because you have in cash.

* Jocks because you never return.

* Because it is much easier to click twice instead become, to find the money to count how many need to wait and then change it home.

* Because anyway do not use cash.

* Because you want to keep up with modern technology.

* Because you want to please a loved one and to send a menu for your account.

* If none of the above statements does not apply to you, perhaps it is still better to pay in cash.

 And what is this ePay?


* system for payment are bank cards and micro via the Internet.

* For payment system can use the following means of payment: MasterCard logo BORIKA international credit cards MasterCard, Visa and micro.

* Microaccount entirely interenet based, as it can pay and receive amounts in


What are the things I need to use ePay?


* To have a registration system. Registration is done online at the WEB page of (once)

* Do you have access to a web chat.

* If you wish to pay by card, you must register your card in, then confirm their willingness to make payments on the Internet from an ATM - the menu "B-pay" - the registration code 60006. (once)

* If you wish to pay by Paypal you must supply Microaccount with cash. Microaccount can be charged by bank transfer, cash transfer cash with a bank card. (once)

Very interesting! Where can I learn more?


* Click here for full information page