Mr.Gyros ensure that we protect the information given by you. It is used only to process your order.

The information we require from you is: e-mail address, BULSTAT / legal persons /, telephone, address for delivery.

The entered data will not be provided to third parties and will be used for purposes other than the fulfillment of your order.

By registering, a customer creates a profile in which you insert your personal access data. Other clients have access to this information. The password is personal and is written in encrypted form, so that we also have no information about it.

We do not know your password. In case you forget, the system will generate a new one that will be sent to you.

Log in to your account immediately and change it.

None of our team will ask for your password. Do not show it to anyone.

According to the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria using false data to fraud is punishable by law.

On the grounds of Article 55, paragraph 1 of the CPA, the consumer is entitled to return the purchased item within 45 minutes after receipt of the goods .Razhodite return are borne by the customer. Shelf life of products Mr.Giros to 4 hours after preparation of the order.