Initial fee: 5000 lev.


Monthly fee: 4% of turnover or not less than 600 lev / month.


Additional investment: Depending on the subject.


Contract duration: 3 / 5 years or indefinite.


Branch: food.


Mr.Gyros development began 7 years ago, and currently has 1 own place within the Sofia. Company provides catering services for special occasions.


With its franchise system, the company aims to have Mr.Gyros and in major cities in the country. The established business model enables you to start a successful business with a flying start. Each franchise partner of Mr.Gyros undergoes special training for entry into the intricacies of the business, which lasts 20 days. Training is the manager of the restaurant and all employees.


Taking into consideration the economic situation, Mr.Gyros offers options for two equal installments of payment of the initial fee, the first payable at the signing of the franchise agreement, which started training, selection and construction of the site and the second at the opening of the restaurant. The franchisor can help you in choosing a suitable facility.


Suitable premises not less than 20 square meters and of course location on busy place. The location is essential for achieving high turnover and a corresponding profit. The return on investment is foreseen to 12 months, with a minimum payout of 10,000 lev


The prospective franchisee must have managerial talent and personal qualities, it is desirable to have experience in the management of institutions, but not necessarily. Among the most important factors for success is to strictly focus on their part of the contract with Mr. gyros and no other parallel business.


Mr.Gyros offers its clients a pleasant atmosphere, excellent service from the professional staff, the highest and consistent quality for ultimate enjoyment and continuously new products in line with European trends.


The team of "Mr.Gyros " daily selects the best quality fresh meat of Bulgarian producers. Processes them according to old recipes with unique combinations of Mediterranean herbs and spices.


The end products are always fresh, tasty and suited to the modern understanding of healthy eating.


Tel: 0879-695-216

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