Gyros (Γύρος) f traditional Greek grilled. Prepare pork that is marinated, threaded onto a skewer and was fired on it.


Wrap up "GREEK asking" with their own unique taste that is baked on the spot. It can be consumed separately, seasoned with various spices.


Gyros pork wrapped in pita bread with tomato, onions, potatoes and tzadziki.


Gyros chicken wrap with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, potato and milk-mayonnaise sauce.

Souvlaki (Σουβλάκι) pork skewer cooked with olive oil, lemon and Mediterranean spices.

Souvlaki (Σουβλάκ) chicken skewer cooked with olive oil and oregano and Mediterranean spices.

TZADZIKI-dairy salad of cucumber, olive oil, garlic strained yogurt and lemon.

TIROKAFTERI-spicy feta cheese blend with olive oil, hot pepper, spices.


SKEWER KEBAP- prepared from 3-nd types of meat Lamb, Beef and Pork wrapped a Greek bread with chutney with cheese, fresh lettuce, onions, potatoes and chutney.


Supply food, original traditional grilled gyros.


The name "gyros" derives from the Greek word for rotation.


It is believed that gyros was first introduced in Greece and stems from Thessaloniki even more accurate than the Tumba area. There are several stories about the origin of gyros:


According to one first place, which is offered gyros called "Yorgos" and here for the first time this dish is offered in Thessaloniki (1970); according to another story gyros he appeared for the first time more pre 1950.

To make gyros rank pieces of meat on a vertical spit that rotates in front of a heat source, often electrically coils. If the meat is not fatty enough, can in order to put pieces of fat, so when baking meat stay juicy, but with toasted tabs. The degree of browning can be controlled by virtue of the heat and the length of the spit thereof. The meat is cut inwards, into thin strips. Usually served on a warmed loaf of bread, lightly an oily, stuffed with salads and sauces. Pita gyros are the main elements of the dish, the rest are considered supplements according to the client's taste. When ordering "apo ola" (everything) put everything out the window, including the lavishly sprinkled with paprika.

In Greece and Cyprus are usually used pork, but often you can see the gyros with lamb, chicken and veal. In Athens, if you order "asks Guiraud," it will most often contain tzandziki, tomato, onion and fries in addition kammesoto. Of course, some restaurants will offer alternatives to traditional supplements. Usually gyros pork accompanied by tzatziki, while chicken may be dressing based on mayonnaise.

Rolls "asking" are available in three types provides simple, Arab and Cypriot asks asks as ordinary type is most common. The common comb is 20 cm and thickness of 3 cm. Cyprus asks the same diameter but thinner and can be divided in two. Arab asks is distinguished by its hrupkavina, thinner is more golyama.Giros can be served in slices of bread for toast.


Crete is the most popular gyros pork, but Haniyeh can find chicken. Dzadziki is replaced with yoghurt, sometimes even available as a supplement Russian salad.

Kos local wrap with chicken gyros and fries.

In Kalamata gyros consumed with "trakopsomo" thick circular bread, cut in two in the middle and filled with meat gyros.

Gyros can be served in the form of "Merida", ie instead of asking to be placed in a dish - meat with the accompanying tomato, fries, onion rings, two or three sauce, pita bread from the side.